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Guarantee and Service

ECIG emporium only stock high quality products, this means that we can offer a 6 month replacement for new guarantee on all of our batteries and chargers should a genuine manufacturing defect arise. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, abuse or undue wear and tear. Clearomisers and atomisers are designed to be a consumable product, it is normal for these to need replacing regularly as part of usual ecig maintenance, as such these items are excluded from any guarantee beyond being in working order when purchased. Our range of e-liquids are guaranteed to be produced to the highest standards, fully tested and compliant with all relevant UK and EU regulation. We are proud of the help and service we offer and encourage you to consult us should you need advice or encounter any problems.

Tips and Instructions

Your e-cig is a robust tool but it is not indestructible, therefore it should not be dropped or bent and should not be pocketed with other metal items such as keys or change. When attaching the battery to the clearomiser or the charger it should not be over tightened, it is unnecessary to apply any more than a light screw action. It is important to avoid cross-threading the screw fittings of your ecig, if undue resistance is felt then do not force it, unscrew and try again.

Your battery is switched on & off by quickly clicking the activation button 5 times quickly. Do not allow eliquid to enter the clearomiser’s central chimney when refilling. With new clearomisers or when first using a replacement atomiser the e-liquid should be allowed to soak in for at least 2 minutes before it is used.

Long slow draws on your ecig are better than short sharp ones. Avoid covering the clearomiser air inlet hole with your fingers while inhaling.

Warnings and Safety

E-liquid and ecig hardware must be kept safely out of the reach of children and pets, it should be stored in a locked cupboard. Batteries must only be charged on the correct charger designed for that product, they must not be left on charge unattended or subjected to high temperatures. If any ecig hardware is damaged or overheating it should not be used. Ecigs and e-liquid are produced for use by smokers, if you don’t smoke then don’t start now. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Immediate medical advice must be sort if you feel unwell when using ecigs or if any accidental consumption occurs. You must always comply with any safety information printed on the packaging or supplied with the product. At the end of its useful life all ecig products should be recycled whenever that is possible.

Always follow the battery safety information supplied with your purchase.

General Ecig Guide

This general guide is the same as printed on the back of your purchase receipt. We encourage you to also read the Product Help that is specific to your item along with the manufacturers instructions provided with your product.

We are always keen to help and advise you in person either in the shop, on the phone or via the Internet. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.