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Made in Britain

Rocket Science Mods are a small team of engineers & metalworkers based in Blackpool Lancashire - they make atomisers and other vaping products, cut mostly from raw metal on manual lathes & milling machines. They use only top quality materials and aim to produce products that people can be proud to own and that should last a lifetime.

RSM Hybrids are designed without compromise for vapeing purists. The dripper or Genesis style rebuildable atomiser is a removable but integral part of the whole. There is no 510 screw connections with a hybrid.

RSM Hybrids can be bought with a dripper atomiser, a Genesis style rebuildable atomiser or both.

The battery tube will fit either a 18350 or a 18500 battery depending on which you choose.The power button at the base can be Bronze and Stainless Steel or all Stainless Steel.

All of  the various options are normally available from stock at ECIG emporium, we will be happy to demonstrate this superb vaping device to you. Only by handling it and examining it can you really appreciate the difference between an engineered UK made mod and the everyday imported, mass produced counterparts.

The RSM Hybrid is a mechanical mod, these is no clever electronics, LED displays or adjustment controls. The battery is in direct connect wit the circuit that is completed when the power button at the bottom is pressed.  

This button is slightly countersunk so that it is not fired when placed on a flat surface. The button is a simple spring operated mechanism that can be easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance.

Both the dripper head and the Genesis atomiser have a single positive pole and two negative screw connections, it is these that you wire an atomiser coil to. If you don’t have experience building your own atomiser coils then we are happy to give you a helping hand and there are also a mass of tutorials available on YouTube. We strongly recommend that you read our guide to the RMS hybrid which contains information on battery safety and other product specific information.

The RMS Hybrid is sold without a drip tip, battery or batter charger. All of these items are available for sale at ECIG emporium if you do not currently own these. The typical buyer of a RSM Hybrid will be a seasoned user of ecig mods wishing to upgrade to something special.

G.enuine RSM Hybrids from the UK’s only official and authorised Bricks and Mortar retailer of Rocket Science Mods

We stock these because we love them, they are not something for everyone - they are a vaping enthusiasts tool. They have no garish logos, in fact they have no logo of any kind, the style is understated and simple. The quality is unmatched, right down to the smallest detail like the high spec PEEK insulators that are much more resistant to melting from high power vaping setups.


RMS Dripper Hybrid incorporating  18350 battery tube . Pictured with Stainless Steel Drip Tip RMS Genesis Hybrid incorporating 18500 battery tube. Pictured with Pyrex and Stainless Steel Drip Tip

RSM Hybrids come with a choice of battery tube length and button metal.

Dripper Hybrid £165

Genesis Hybrid £265

Duo (Dripper & Genesis head) Hybrid £345

RSM Hybrid Parts available separately

Stainless Steel Drip Tip £9.99

Pyrex and Stainless Steel Drip Tip £19.99

Replacement Pyrex Atomiser Tank £9.99

Spare 18350 Battery Tube £45

Spare 18500 Battery Tube £45

Spare Stainless Steel Button £47

Spare Bronze & Stainless Steel Button £47