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Support - always ready to assist

We are proud of the quality of the products that we sell and offer better product guarantees than many other ecig shops but that isn’t the whole story…

When you need support from us you will be dealing with mature people with long experience with ecigs, we are ex-smokers and want to do everything that we can to support your move to, and continued use of, e-cigarettes. If you need help please or encounter any problems just contact us we will be happy to advise you.

Specific Product Help and a General ecig Guide is also available on this website.

Getting the right Nicotine strength and flavour of the e-liquid that you vape is critical to the experience. The right e-liquid will provide the required amount of Nicotine and be pleasurable to use, it should be professionally produced in an appropriate production facility and should be fully laboratory tested. Our e-liquids are available for you to try before you buy, at our shop you are welcome to test as many as necessary in order to find your perfect vape.

Swapping to vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco can make a real difference to your life. With good advice, support and properly produced ecigs and e-liquid, vaping instead of smoking can be life changing. We know, we have done it.