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Tanks & Clearomisers

Tanks or Clearomisers are the part of your ecig that holds the e-liquid and turns it into a vapour by its atomiser which is heated when given power from the battery.

Our Tanks & Clearomisers are hiqh quality products, designed to give a great balance of vapour production and flavour while having a stylish appearance and being available at a sensible price.

KiK CE4 Clearomsier

KiK CE4 Clearomiser

The CE4 is a refillable, semi-disposable clearomiser, once it has reached the end of its useful life  (normally 2 to 6 weeks) it is designed to be replaced in its entirety.

The CE4’s disposability is its strength, it is ideal for anyone not wanting to mess about changing atomiser coils etc. Filling is simple too, just unscrew the mouthpiece.

The KiK CE4 is a grade above many other CE4’s on the market. They have  8 natural cotton wick strands and double seals at the top and the bottom and an overall superior construction..

If you have not tried a decent CE4 recently then you should consider it, this form factor has come a long way since it first appeared on the vape scene.

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Kik CE4 Cleromiser

TECC V5 Clearomiser

The TECC V5 Clearomiser closely follows the appearance of the ‘traditional’ CE5 Clearomiser, however it is by no means the same.

The quality of production of the TECC V5 can easily be seen to be superior when compared with others in its class. It incorporates a TECC BDC ‘push-in’ Bottom Dual Coil 1.8ohm replaceable atomiser coil that performs very well, giving both reasonable vapour and good flavour.

We stock the replacement TECC BDC coils for this clearomiser, £2.99 each or 5 for £13.99

KiK ProTank Clearomiser

KiK’s ProTank is solidly built and is designed not only  to fit all standard eGo fittings but also to perform at its optimum when powered within the normal voltage range of a standard fixed output ecig battery.

This ProTank clearomiser has replaceable atomiser coils, once the performance of your clearomiser starts to wane just replace the atomiser coil.

Replacement atomiser coils for the KiK ProTank are £4.99 for 3.

KiK ProTank

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KiK ProTank KiK Electronic Cigarettes

Aspire CE5 Clearomiser

The Aspire CE5 clearomiser has an eGo fitting, a replaceable BVC Coil and a 510 drip tip.

Replacement BVC coils £2.00 each or £10 for a pack of 5

Aspire K3 Tank

The Aspire K3 is constructed from Stainless Steel and Pyrex. It uses the same coils as the Aspire Nautalus and comes with a 1.8ohm coil fitted.

Aspire K3 Tank .
Holds approximately 2 ml of e-juice.
Bottom filling unit.
Nautilus BVC coil.
Height: 55 mm
Width: 18 mm

Jem Tank

The Innokin Jem tank has a 2ml capacity, top filling design and air flow control. It has a metal & glass construction with a standard 510 fitting.

Included in the box is a spare tank glass and a spare 1.6ohm coil.

Further replacement coils are available at £2.99 each or 5 for £13.99

Aspire Mini Nautilus TPD Tank

The Aspire Mini Nautilus Tank is one of the few tanks to have stood the test of time, they have been used and appreciated by many users over a few years.

This 2ml Tank has a 1.8ohm Coil fitted and comes with a spare 1.8ohm Coil in the box. It can also be used with the Nautilus 0.7ohm Coil.

We stock Nautilus 1.8ohm & 0.7ohm Coils £2.99 each or £13.99 for 5. We also stock the spare Pyrex glass for for this tank.

Note. There are many inferior ‘clones’ of this tank being sold, ours is a genuine Aspire product in TPD compliant packaging

Innokin T20s Prism Tank

Innokin T20s Prism  tank

The Innokin T20s Prism tank is a top-filling 2ml tank which comes fitted with a 0.8ohm Coil and has a spare 1.5ohm Coil in the box along with an alternative drip tip.

We stock the Innokin T20s Coils, £2.99 each or £13.99 for 5